EXPONENTIALLY GROW YOUR Business in 90 days!

Exclusive OTO One-to-One Coaching Program with Constance M. Drew, MBA of Barefoot Marketer LLC. **To provide the high-quality guidance you deserve, I limit my 1:1 coaching to only a select few OTO clients at a time. **

First and foremost, I am known to launch and build profitable businesses in a short amount of time. My coaching style is not for the weary of heart, but those who are ACHIEVERS. You must be ready to roll your sleeves up, jump in with both feet and especially be open to the new life you will create as a successful business owner. This is an intensive 90 day program where we focus on WHAT you need to GROW your business, STRATEGIZE a plan & IMPLEMENT!.

  1. You have a great business, but you want to successfully grow BIGGER.
  2. You want to make more MONEY & have more TIME.
  3. You want to attract & keep your ideal CLIENTS.
  4. You are ready to ACHIEVE!

LEARNING HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER IS AN INVESTMENT – I myself have invested thousands of dollars in being coached by some of the biggest names in the industry. I even spent 10 days in Hawaii once with a Mastermind group to learn all I could about coaching and the business of coaching. I have invested in business & marketing programs along with a MBA education. My coaching fees reflect this as we look at where you currently are, where you want to go, and how you will get there.

 Getting Ready

 First, I will access your:

  • stage of business building
  • business model structure
  • marketing message
  • service offerings
  • pricing and payment system
  • internal systems

Next, we determine:

  • wants and needs
  • sales goals
  • marketing goals
  • personal development goals
  • a long-term growth plan
  • a success mindset


Then, we’ll get to work on:

  • brainstorming ideas
  • weighing options
  • incorporating automation
  • establishing procedures
  • strengthening your services
  • a prioritized plan of action

Finally, we’ll set-up a: 

  • client on-boarding system
  • service flow
  • organization system
  • content catalog
  • marketing calendar
  • goal tracking system

Expected Outcomes

Fundamental Foundation

  • target market
  • mission statement
  • vision statement
  • programs and packages
  • sales flow and pricing

Internal Operations

  • on-boarding plan
  • client agreements
  • program workflow
  • organization systems
  • marketing routines

Marketing Results

  • content catalog
  • marketing calendar
  • visual brand concept
  • website strategy
  • social post plan

Personal Results

  • confidence
  • mindset shifts
  • self awareness
  • increased productivity
  • higher life satisfaction

The details of how:

Ø  Intensive 12-week commitment to maximize results

Ø  Weekly 60-minute Zoom video (or audio) sessions

Ø  Video recording of sessions available

Ø  Summaries of sessions provided

Ø  Weekly assignments focusing on 3 main areas for you to work on

Ø  State of the art streamlined system for follow ups, reminders, goal setting

Ø  Weekly email support


**Limited time offer!**Investment in intensive 12-week commitment only $1997.00!

Save $197.00 by paying $1,800.00 in full or a $497.00 deposit plus 2 payments of $750.00 billed monthly for the next two consecutive months.