techie garble comes to web design

Understanding what all the Techie Garble means When it Comes to Web Design

Being in the position of having a new website designed and developed is one of the most exhilarating events of a new business’ adventure! I thought it would be helpful to share a few of the most common definitions that you will hear when speaking with your web designer.

Domain Name – The domain name is the url address to your site.

Logo Design – Simply put, you want clients to remember you. We design logos with that in mind.

Pages – Website content, text & images. Ex: About, Services, Contact, etc.

Layout Design – Each page can have a different layout. Your home page may be

different from your services page.

Revisions – After the layout is done, you can request changes. ex: change colors, images, fonts.

Contact Form – Form whereby customers can send you information, sign up for your newsletter, etc.

Social Media Pack – Includes integrating your social media into your website.
Ex: Facebook, Twitter.

SEO Integration- The greatest website cannot be found without Search Engine Optimization.

Update Support- Limited support good for changes: color changes, changing

images, ect..

Content Management – Content Management System lets you update and make changes to

your site easily.


Build Your Audience With Guest Podcasting (Sample Outreach Message)

I thought it would be a great blog post to provide you with a sample outreach message that I use for reaching out to be a guest on podcasts! This has proven to be quite successful for me and I am in hopes that it will do the same for you!


My name is Constance and I am a big fan of your podcast! 

I love listening to your show and appreciate how you _____________ (give a compliment that proves you actually listened to their show).

 Example: “I appreciate how you are fearless talking about how women can succeed in business coming out of a corporate career.” 

I’m reaching out to see about being a guest on your podcast to talk about _______________. 

Example: “to talk about women, money and what it takes to run a highly profitable business in today’s new economy.” 

Then a sentence or two about what you specialize in and how it relates to their audience. 

Example: “There is nothing I enjoy talking about more (after horses) than women and money, because let’s face it, most women have a pretty messed up relationship with it. And as a consequence, even when they start to make money they often still don’t have any money.” 

Repeat your desire to come on the show, showing WHY.

Example: “I’m itching to have a real conversation about women and money in the vein that you do on your podcast.” 

Show them where they can check you out (Your website, Facebook, mention any other social media where they can check you out). 

Example: “You’re welcome to check me out on my website and my Facebook Business page.” 

Finish up with grace and let the host know they’ll have a great time interviewing you. 

Example: “Looking forward to hearing if you’re interested in this topic. It would be an honor and I think we would have a ton of great energy, and your listeners would find it eye-opening and helpful.”

With appreciation,