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Napoleon Hill knew the importance of surrounding one’s self with success-oriented people, calling these “Mastermind” groups. Here, these groups are called “Barefoot Business Tribes”, as our goal is to create groups that not only learn from Coach Constance, but also provide the needed synergy and support of other women facing the same challenges and rewards as they work towards fulfilling their heart felt business goals.

These VIRTUAL groups are dedicated to women who are ready to step into their path as successful business owners and leave a virtual footprint that can only be filled by them. With learning and support at the core, tribes of supporting souls will be able to live their lives on purpose and become who they are meant to be. Come learn, laugh and become part of a supportive network to help you succeed now and many years to come.

With you in mind, I have made these an affordable value-add that can help you to soar your business upward in record time!

Who You Are:

  • You want to start a business but don’t know how to start
  • You are tired of spinning your wheels going this on your own
  • You need to learn business & marketing strategies to grow your business
  • You are success driven and ready to make serious changes in your life
  • You want to be supported and network in your bare feet from your own home

What’s Included:

1.      Access to topic specific e-courses

2.      Access to the private Facebook group to exchange with fellow entrepreneurs

3.      Access to the weekly exclusive webinars

4.      Email support to answer your questions

5.      Weekly small group coaching led by Startup2Success Barefoot Marketer Constance

6. Supportive, non-judgmental environment where you can share both your dreams and fears