Being Authentic in your Business

I work with “soul” awakened women coaches & entrepreneurs who seek to run their businesses in an authentic manner.  What does that really mean? The dictionary meaning of authentic is genuine, based on facts; accurate or reliable. 

            So, how can one be authentic in business?

1. Be Genuine~~Be who you really are!

  I see it often where women are afraid to own their power. It     is there waiting to be unleashed, but fear gets in the way! Each one of us is genuine, we need to learn to own it!

2. Run your business based on facts~~Your experiences 

We as humans seek honest factual connections. By using your own experiences not only makes you human, it allows     your client to be human too!

3. Accurate information~~Keep it real! In marketing, we are often taught to use language like “6 figures, secrets, 10x, etc.”. If you have seen these results when you work with clients, then shout it to the world!  

Being honest about how building solid relationships that lead to successful businesses usually take!


Constance M. Drew, MBA

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