How to overcome FEAR as a business owner

is very real, but the evidence there is something to fear is what is false.
As a business owner, we are stepping into new shoes that may not be comfortable at first. We may ask ourselves, why when they are the right size and style that we usually buy. The fact is, many steps along the way will spring up Fear or Doubt. Sometimes, early in the morning I will wake up and think how am I ever going to do all of this?! Then, I take a few deep breaths and begin doing something towards my goals.
I then go on to ask myself, what am I afraid of? Not being good enough? Not enough time? What is really at the core of this feeling. For me I find that the following steps help me move through these fears do arise as I move along my journey as a business woman.
1. Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing for a few minutes.
2. Identify what you are afraid of.
3. DO something, no matter how small, towards your goals.
4. Set realistic, attainable goals that you take action on daily.
5. Continue to move through your fears towards your goals.
Hopefully, just these few steps will help you realize that you cannot control FEAR that comes up, but you can control how you move through it!