Instagram Live Tips

I recently completed creating an Instagram for Business Course for Knowledge City. In order to record my computer screen, rather than mirror my cell phone and PC, I used an Emulator called Blue Stacks.

Basically, an Emulator allows you to project your social apps, etc onto your Desktop. Blue Stacks was both efficient and easy to use. It allowed me to record my Instagram Live (which will win me no Emmys, <grin>), but it worked well in recording the lesson.

  • Instagram Live is an effective tool for getting engagement for the followers you already have.
  • When you start recording Live, your followers get a notification and can join you to comment on your video.
  • Business accounts use live videos for Q&As, workshops, tutorials, product demos, flash sales, quick news.
  • Reward people for staying until the end of the live.
  • Promote~post about it in your stories or in a regular post the day before and again an hour before the event.

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