Jumping on the Club House Train

Get ready for the ride of your life! I recently joined Club House, and I am here to tell you, it is worth the time you put into it!

Club House opened up to Android Users a week ago and I am seeing the “Rooms” growing! It is a great place to get top-notch expertise advice on almost any topic you can think of! I, myself, love being brought upon stage to ask questions! I have noticed that I get a few new followers in Club House every time I do!

I quickly joined Steve Oshler’s ClubPod for Podcasters and got a free subscription to Podcast magazine!

I am also here to warn you though, it is ADDICTIVE! Like any social marketing and influencing that you do, go into this with a strategic plan.

  1. Your handle is what people search by. I have used Startup2Success as I want to get the word out about my proprietary Spiritual business system.
  2. Make sure your Instagram is up to date and inviting! This is how Club House members communicate is through Instagram and Twitter DMs. If you are an Android user, you cannot link yet, so make sure that you include your Instagram Information in your bio.
  3. Your bio is going to be the MOST important task to focus on, right from the beginning! Club House Members see the first 3 lines (kinda like Instagram), so it is imperative that you lead with a strong intro! Mine for example is Profit Podcasts Webdesign (focusing on building out new websites for new podcasters) Barefoot Marketer Digital Marketing (letting folks know about what Barefoot Marketer does) and 6-Figure Money Breakthrough Coach. I have included other information as well, including my website. Use lots of emojis! Browse bios, including mine as I spent hours researching and learning from the best to model after!
  4. Once you are comfortable with it, start searching for Clubs that interest you.
  5. Join a few Clubs and their Rooms will pop up in your Hallway for you to join.
  6. Join a room and have fun!

I will be releasing a new Club House training soon, so come back and check it out!

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