Stay in One Lane

I recently attended a training on Social Audio and was able to ask the host Steve Oshler a few questions.

As I listened to other participants before me, I heard a common theme amongst Coaches in particular. We want to save the world and everyone in it! We all have MULTIPLE packages and we are going to transform your life! I heard the standard sales lingo we are taught in our different pieces of training, and I found myself tuned out of the message, rather than tuned in!

I, myself use the same verbiage as my cohorts. I, also have created several packages. But, when Steve was speaking with one Business Coach who was wondering how to reach both coaches and healers as her ideal clients, I loved what Steve had to say! He told her to “Stay in one lane for now”. Choose ONE you want to work with first, get that group off the ground, then you can add the next. Was this not perfect advice?

Then, when my turn came around, I was a bit smug after hearing Steve’s advice, then found myself in a similar situation! I was toying with what to name my Clubhouse Club, so I rattled off a few of my choices. He gave me input on the names, but followed with advice that really resonated with me. Rather than focus on the groups, drill down to what they really NEED! This stuck with me through the night and into the next morning meditaion.

What my ideal clients really NEED are Sales! We all want freedom as Entrepreneurs, and there is a one direction highway for that and it is sales, sales, and more sales!

  1. Establish Monthly Sales Goals- these should come from your yearly projections
  2. Charge what you are worth- if you undercharge, you will need to do more work to earn less money
  3. Choose the best method of advertising to reach your ideal clients- contrary to popular belief, I think we should rely solely on social media, especially if you are aiming to work with clients locally or you run a brick & mortar business
  4. Offer incentives- have you ever noticed how we all pay attention to “limited, bogo, bonuses”?
  5. Sale from your passion-you have to be the biggest believer in your product

Here’s to Happy Selling!

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