The first step of your Business Vision Plan

Recording of the First Step

All businesses need a business plan. If you are attempting financing, you will need an in-depth, strategic financial plan/proposal of several pages. However, today, we are discussing the “high level” business Plan that I have tagged as the Vision Plan. I feel this such an important cornerstone of a business that I offer a Vision Plan course.

Your Vision Plan will have 5 steps and we will begin by discussing the Vision statement of your plan.

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Objectives
  4. Strategies
  5. Action Plans

Here is an example of a Vision statement:

VISION: Within the next five years, Constance M Drew, MBA – Barefoot Marketer Coach will become an internationally known author, publisher, speaker & business coach serving women coaches and entrepreneurs. Coach primarily online providing products, coaching, masterminds and copyrighted systems that will enhance the entrepreneurs chances of success. Speaking and authoring at least once monthly and publishing at least 3 business/self-help books for women. By 2024, have a team of 20 coaches, marketing specialists & assistants, offer multiple services that bring in various forms of revenue and be making at least $500,000.00 yearly by year 5.

Spend some time when you are drafting your Vision Plan and utilize it as your roadmap to Success!