Thrive or Dive: The 2 Year Mark of Business

I see it time and time again where business owners get over the hurdles and build good businesses for 2 years. Then, bam! Something hits where, like a toddler, the business is growing more than that owner is prepared for. Yes, the Vision Plan was solid…for an infant, but what about as that baby grows?

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself at the critical mass point of a 2 year old.

  1. Does my vision plan work anymore? Oftentimes when we create that original Vision Plan, we cannot comprehend what the business will feel like in two years. It may be time to re-vamp it.
  2. Are my business processes solid? Take an inventory of your current business practices. They may fit what you have done to this point, but will they work as you scale up and grow?
  3. Are your marketing plans geared towards new clients? The clients you have now brought you this far. Do you find them to be ideal? Have you tapped fully into that niche?
  4. Can you wrap your head around Success? Oftentimes, for the first few years as a business owner, we are just doing what we can to survive. But, have you taken time to appreciate that you are a successful business owner to come this far?
  5. STEP BACK! Set aside 30 minutes daily to meditate, pray, listen to music, take a walk in the sun, do something completely free of your work. Then, when you return to it, you have a clear mind to get back to business.

So, take some time to answer these questions for yourself. You have made it this far, now march forward to your new growing business! ffff