Working through the “Overwhelm”

Do you ever feel like you have a hundred things coming at you at once? Really? So do I?

The number one reason that 70% of new businesses fail within their first two years is that the new business owner hasn’t learned how to handle the “overwhelm” that comes in waves as you are transforming into a new person!

How to handle the “overwhelm”

1.            Identify the “why”. Step back for a few minutes and really think through what it is that is causing the overwhelm. Have you taken on too much? Do you need to ask for help? Do you need to say NO to the things that are taking you away from running your business?

2.            Sit with it. Allowing a few moments of feeling the overwhelm begins to take away its power.

3.            Work through it. Find ways to give your brain a break by doing yoga, meditating, scrapbooking, anything that you can take a “brain break” and just allow yourself some down time to regroup.

You can learn how to identify the overwhelm and work through it! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!