Constance M. Drew, MBA

Professional Bio

Constance M. Drew, MBA is a leading Virtual Marketing Coach in Phoenix Arizona who works with small service business owners to get more clients, make more money and spend less time running a thriving business. She is fiercely committed to helping women coaches and entrepreneurs alike to manifest their dreams of leaving the “rat race” behind to enjoy living the life of a barefoot business owner.

Constance knows how to teach business owners like you how to successfully market your business online to bring in more clients, make you more money and run your business in less time so you are free to enjoy your life.

Constance has worked with, taught and coached over a thousand business owners and professionals how to use technology, to streamline their businesses and professions to greater results in less time. She has taught Middle School, High School, and College level students. She has coached international business professionals on accelerating their English communications. Her passion is to see you succeed in your business or professional life.

Constance has written for and published Southern Steel Motorcycle & Car magazine, ezine articles and authored New York Women Business Owners for the for several years. She launched and successfully ran a bridal shop while being a Wedding Consultant, website, and marketing business, so she understands the challenges and opportunities that being your own boss brings.

Constance holds a Masters in Business Administration/Negotiation & Conflict Resolution from Jones International University, a Bachelor in Education from Eastern New Mexico University, is a certified teacher in Arizona, TESOL certified and has completed life coach training through Coach Training Alliance. She has been mentored by internationally renowned coaches Christian Michelson, Fabienne Fredrickson, Melinda Cohan, and Kate Steinbacher.

Outside of the passion of coaching, Constance loves attending motorcycle charity events, traveling and spending time with her family. She spends time teaching Business English to international business adults online.

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